Happiness and Pleasure

Topics: Feeling, Human, Happiness Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Sandra Martinez Martinez,1 Professor, R. Gomez
English 101
09 September 2011
Happiness and Pleasure
“Happiness is not pleasure” (The pursuit of happiness) For Aristotle happiness is only achieved at the end of a person’s life. Happiness is achieved only when a man is done with all his goals. According to Aristotle we cannot lose or gained happiness in a couple of hours because it is not something that occurs in an instant. It is something that a person has to be working on for a large period of time; in fact I will say that we keep working on our happiness from the day we are born till the end of our lives. Instead, pleasure can be gained or lost in a couple of hours. (The pursuit of happiness) Pleasure is to satisfy ourselves. It is not something where we work really hard in order to feel that mistaken sensation of “happiness”. Happiness last way more long than pleasure does. For example, all my life I have been waiting for the opportunity to travel to Madrid, Spain. I love their culture and everything and I often say that this would make me feel as the happiest woman on earth. However, having the opportunity to spend another Christmas with my whole family together would really make me happy. If a get to choose between my dreamed trip and my family reunion I would choose my family. Now I can say that traveling to Spain is a pleasure because of course it would make me feel good but that feeling would last a couple of days or so, instead spending another Christmas with my family would be the one thing that would make me happy. Pleasures are our body desires. That would be the main point of why we often mistake happiness with pleasure. People often think that life is only a matter of money. I agree, money plays perhaps the main role on our lives. However, we need other things. We need things such as solidarity, respect, and...
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