Happiness And Money

Topics: Writing, Volunteering, Essay Pages: 4 (409 words) Published: May 16, 2015
Name: Esraa Shaaban Hassan

Positive feelings do not depend on how much we have from property or money. In addition, we can reach happiness not only through donation, but also through helping the others. Moreover, the value of money is how we spend it not in itself. The act of helping others lasts for much longer than day. According to the individual, it results in making new friends and being sociable, besides, it keeps the society balanced. Through donation and helping others, individual became sociable by making new friends. For example, the volunteer goes to somewhere like orphanage, he participates other volunteers so he will know new friends. Seeing happiness in the eyes of orphans gives him energy to work hard and to do his best. Volunteer gains experience and learn new communication skills because he deals with different types of people during his volunteering. Furthermore, according to society, the needy meet part of their needs. Indeed, there are some people die from starvation and bitter cold. Therefore, volunteers go to them to distribute food and blankets. Moreover, volunteers provide beggars with shelters and food and treat them with kindness. As a result, beggars can work and participate in building the country. Finally, happiness cannot be measured by the amount of money we have because happiness is priceless. Moreover, happiness is how to spend part of your money and time to help the others. Therefore, happiness is the best way to help yourslf. Spending money and time on others affect positively on both individual and society.

The outline
Introductory paragraph:
Cause: happiness
Helping the others
Background information: positive feelings
Do not depend
Thesis statement: individual
Balanced society
Body paragraph 1:
Topic sentence:...
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