Happiness and Life

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Life is always full of accidents and incidents. Some incidents are pleasant and some of them are horrible. But a good deed always gives us true pleasure. Man is happy whenever he thinks of it. He never forgets it because these things do not take place every day. Ups and down is the part of life. Actually life is not a bed of roses. It is full of bad and good incidents. Some of them may be forgotten with the previous of time where as others leave an everlasting imprint on the mind. One feels delighted when one is favoured with fortune but plunges into despair during misfortune. In fact, the wise man is the person who neither overjoyed in decency nor take hardship heat.  Effects of Happy Events

There are many events in life that give us happiness such as marriage ceremony, taking time off work to travel abroad, passing the examination with good marks etc. These happy events have many effects on human life. These are the most momentous occasion of life that gives you happiness. They relieve us from mental stress and fill our life with happiness. Life become a source of joy for us. Effects of Unhappy Events

Life if full of eventful history. There are always ups and downs. Pain and pleasure go side by side in life Pain and unhappiness has its own value. But for those who are not conquered by it. . I am an ordinary man and my life has never been a bed of roses. I had to struggle many way through life. But there are degrees of unhappiness. Description of happy events:

There are many events of my life that give me pleasure and a source of joy for me, such as marriage ceremony of my cousin, birthday of my brother and many more. Happiest day
While I was busy in thinking about my holidays and having fun with my friends, the door bell rang. I ran to answer it and found my cousin brother was at the door I was surprised to see him. I welcomed him with great joy and enthusiasm as it was great to have him with me during my lonely time but my joy increases many...
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