Happiness and Liberal Model

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JD suggests that we might consider the liberal model of work as a middle ground between the hedonistic interpretation of the convention model and human fulfillment model. Hedonistic interpretation focuses on the happiness and aims at getting whatever one wants. And it claims that individuals are free to choose their own preferences and the goal of economic activity is to satisfy preferences. That is the common point between liberal model and hedonistic interpretation. And the fulfillment school believes work can offer some potential for employee, which is the same to liberal model. However, humane fulfillment school focuses on what makes work; liberals focus on how work affects a worker’s ability and his life. Liberals denies that there is some norm to determine every one should do.

For Kantian’s perspective of the constitutions of meaningful work, meaningful work should be the work is free for people to choose and it gives them opportunities to learn something, should be the work offers a sufficient salary to satisfy workers’ desires, should be the work can help worker to develop her capacities, and should be the work can not bother she wishes to obtain happiness. And the work relationship should obey autonomy and humane beings. Kantian thinks autonomy and independence are important, and flex time gives employees greater latitude over their work schedules. In addition, wage compression would partly address a developing social issue. Lastly, the work can contribute to the development of employees’ rational ability. Student Comments :

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Good#1 Answer:Here is the key:
A. Compared to the conventional model:
(1) Individual workers should be free to choose the ends of their work and there is no single human good/end that all work should serve. (2) On the other hand, the Liberal model is not about complete individualistic relativism or a kind of anything-goes subjectivism. B. Compared to the Human Fulfillment model:

(1) Recognizes that work can shape character. Work can be ethically evaluated on that basis. (2) Unlike the HFM, the Liberal model abandons the connection to a specific conception of the human telos (a commitment to an objective, substantive norm when it comes to human happiness). C. The Liberal model promotes the protection of what are called primary goods (necessary goods to achieve happiness – e.g. autonomy, rationality, physical/mental health and the chapter 6 rights). Work should be structured in ways that recognize and protect these things. #2 Answer:

(1) Not money in itself. Money is a pure means, Kant says. And a miser is a person of poor character. (And even: The thrifty who acquire their wealth by saving, are as a rule small minded people. Saving, in itself, has no intrinsic merit.) But a job needs to provide enough income to give the employee financial independence. And that contributes to employee self-respect. (2) Remarks that suggest an objective notion of happiness:

a. [Even] an arrant fool can save and put money aside; to spend one’s money with refinement with refinement on pleasure needs knowledge and skill. . . . (130) (3) In general, meaningful work for Kant would not violate his principle of humanity (by using people as a means only) and take seriously the imperfect obligation of beneficence to others. (4) Work that is freely chosen.

(5) Work that supports the autonomy and rationality of the employee. (6) Work that does not interfere with the employee’s moral development. (7) Work that is not paternalistic in terms of the human telos. (b):

(1) Work is necessary for the development of selfhood.
(2) The fruits of work (wealth) contribute to self-respect because it provides independence. (3) Work provides opportunities for the exercise of one’s autonomy and develops one’s rational capacities. (c):

(1) Both Kant and the Liberal model focus on the importance of primary goods like autonomy in the workplace....
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