Happiness and Lambert

Topics: Happiness, Economics, Unemployment Pages: 3 (793 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Following with the development of economy, the demand of people is now increasing rapidly which is the cause of a boom in consumerism. There are many opposite arguments have been made around these fenomenon such as economy or people happiness. Barbara Bang, 2012, “Consumerism: can we afford it?”,Rupert Lambert, 2011, “Consumerism  - A positive force in the world”, give different arguments to consumerism. This paper will criticaly response to authors’ main disagreement.   In the article of Bang, the author points out that people are now less happy than before because of consumerism. Bang (2012) takes an example of The National Opinion Research centre that in 1957, Americans were happier than today. The author also states that in wealthy countries, people are less happiness. In addition, she shows that compare with previous generation, people are less happiness and easy to get depression. The author gives example of David G. Myers (cited in Bang 2012), author of the book The American Paradox. In this example, the author mentions that ‘getting and spending’ are becoming orientation of people. On the other hand, Lambert describes a disagree argument about the idea that  consumerism makes people unhappy. He states that the survey of happiness do not prove that consumerism makes people unhappy. Firstly, the author points out that most people do not show their true feelings to others. He uses example of Americans and Britains who usually over  state their feelings. In addition, the writer also claims that there are contradictions in surveys. He shows an example refer to James' study which mentions that China has low stress even though they are more capitalist. Finally, Lambert (2011) presents that happiness is impossible to measure. He states that there are some people happy when they consume less but there are other people happy when they consuming. Firstly, Bang’s argument seems to be convincing but there are some mistake that make her argument unpersuasive. She...

References: Bang, B 2012, ‘Consumerism: can we afford it?’, The Journal of Global Solutions, 23 June, vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 88-90.
Lambert, R 2011, ‘Consumerism – A positive force in the world’, The Journal of Global Economic Affairs, 19 January, vol. 33, no. 18, pp. 343-346.
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