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Happiness is an inner sense. It is the thing that makes the world good, in peace, and it is an emotion that is the best one yet. Most of people find the happiness or the joy in some little things, and they live the life like they want to live. You can find happiness in many things such as when you have good relationships with God and family. Also when you get a high score in your college. I believe that happiness can cause many effects in your life.

The first effect of happiness is good health. Health is important thing that we must take care of it, and happiness has a positive impact on health. It can protect the heart from dangerous diseases. People who are usually happy, enthusiastic and content are less likely than others to develop heart illness, according to a new study. Karina Davidson of Columbia University Medical Center in New York, who led the new study, said it sug­gests heart disease might be in some degree preventable through positive emotions. Also, it can prevent the body from arteries disease because it prevents the arteries from hardening. Furthermore, happiness can be a treatment for depression, and it can help depressed people to get out from their situation.

The second effect of happiness is that people around you are attracted to your happiness. Since people are always see your smiles and always happy, they will like you. Also, they try to make you always happy because they love you and they used to see you happy. In addition, due to your happiness, you can make new friends and you can share your happiness with them.

The last effect of happiness is feeling satisfied. Happiness makes people help others. There is a connection between happiness and helping people. For instance, if you are very happy, you will try to help people as thanks to God for this happiness then you'll be satisfied. Also, accepting what life gives you is the secret of happiness. Happiness does not mean the large number of money you can make happiness by little...
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