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In the ancient world back, many philosophers such as Epicures and Stoics were trying to reach and achieve happiness in many different ways. In today's world, many people are trying to reach and achieve happiness via many ways that depend on the personal perspective of people. I am going to discuss about how to find the true happiness and about how people describe their inner conditions in many special ways. Although some people describe the word happiness according to their personal perspective, true happiness does not depend on things that are around because it is within everyone.  The term happiness is a state of mind or the personal feelings characterized by pleasure, delight, love, contentment, enjoyment, joy, satisfaction and entertainment all together. People always want to achieve and find happiness in their life, so they can be happy. Some people have different ideas describing their inner feelings. Also, some people have unique ideas about how to find happiness.  The first important point is that the term happiness can be described by an individual according to his or her personal perspective. What makes you happy and what makes me happy are different things. Individuals depict their inner emotions in a different way that you cannot compare with each other, so there might be a lot of definitions. For example, some people think that when they move to another house, things will be better, some people think that when they have enough money, everything will be astonishing, some people think that when they change their jobs, they will be happier, and some people think that they can be happy when they get a lot of friends. As a result, happiness can be portrayed in many different ways by people according to their personal point of view.  The second significant point is that individuals or people in general should not run for it because it is already within everyone. True happiness lies...
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