Happily Ever After (Gay Marriage)

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Love, High school Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: October 31, 2007
Happily Ever After
"And They Lived Happily Ever After, The End". A typical ending to the all American fairytale, but who is "they"? "They" usually means Prince Charming and whomever his bride is in the story, maybe either Cinderella or Snow White. But what if Cinderella wasn't interested in Prince Charming, what if she really wanted to marry Snow White? Now that would be a fairytale up for debate!

Can marriage jump the gender divide? My good friend from High School and her life partner believe so. sarah's story starts like any typical all American girl from southeast Missouri. Born and raised in a Christian home in Poplar Bluff, she had a few serious boyfriends, but none of them "Mr. Right". After high school Sarah couldn't wait to get out of Poplar Bluff, so she landed happily in Boston, MA, where she attended medical school. During her internship at a hospital, she met Becky, who opened her eyes to a different kind of love. As their relationship developed, Sarah struggled with what everyone from her hometown would think. She felt like she had found her soul mate, but was sure no one would understand, especially her devout Methodist family. When she finally told her family, they reacted exactly how she expected, her mother thought the world would end, her brothers supported her, and her father refused to speak to her. None of this mattered to Sarah, she knew how she felt about Becky, which was nothing like the awkward relationships from High School, instead, it was effortless.
Sarah and Becky sealed their love at the beginning of this year in a private, special ceremony attended by only close friends, Sarah's brother's and Becky's family (who happily support them).
I think it is sad that our society doesn't support love unless it is "traditional". It is so hard to find the right person, we should be happy for everyone that beats the odds, no matter the gender combination . American marriage would probably be more successful if...
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