Hans Christian Anderson's Little Mermaid

Topics: The Little Mermaid, Hans Christian Andersen, Love Pages: 2 (943 words) Published: October 23, 2008
Giving up the thing you love the most for the one you love the most. Romantic? Yes! Stupid? Yes! Hans Christian Anderson’s, The Little Mermaid, is most commonly seen as a child’s story, but if you look closer there are many ties to God and spiritual life. I never saw this as a kid, but back then I loved The Little Mermaid, because of its magical setting, handsome prince, and somewhat happy ending. The Little Mermaid unfolds in the deep ocean bottom. The sea king’s castle towers high from the sea’s floor. The sea king has 5 daughters; the youngest one was the prettiest of all the daughters. She longed to see where the humans live. Her grandmother told her when she turns fifteen she would be able to rise to the top of the sea at night and see the human world. Finally after waiting forever, as it seemed to her, the youngest daughter fifteenth birthday cam. She rose to the top of the water and saw a grand ship. She swam up to one of huge windows and saw most beautiful gentleman, and of course it was the prince. She watch him for quite a while watching him. Then, the sea started to get rough. It tossed and turned. Soon the boats the water began the wash upon the deck. The waves got so bad that the boat began to break and bend. It threw the humans of the vessel in to the unruly sea. The prince was one of them. The youngest mermaid saved him and swam him all the way back to the shore. She quickly laid him on the beach and swam away. She was positive he would never remember her. But she still wanted to be with him so bad. She decided that she was so desperate that she would go to the sea witch for help. The sea witch told her she could give her legs and make her human. Along with being human, when she died her soul would be immortal if she remained a mermaid she would simply turn into sea form and never be immortal. The price to pay for all of this was extreme, the sea witch took her voice with was said to be the most beautiful voice in all of the sea, and...
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