Hans Bellmer

Topics: Gender, Nazi Germany, Doll Pages: 3 (1161 words) Published: December 4, 2013
 1 “The Message of Hans Bellmer’s Dolls “ The dolls that Hans Bellmer constructed and photographed during the 1930s remain disturbing and controversial to this day. Although his work is well known for its iconic and conceptual ideals connecting with surrealists and Dadaists at the time, his work deliver a strong relationship to the cruel social and political conditions that were occurring inside Nazi Germany. It was only fitting that the birth of Hans Bellmer’s girl-doll collection came about at the same time as the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich. These dolls were constructed in response to the rise if fascism in Germany. These images were an attack on the typical Nazi art and aimed to rebel against the ideal female body and gender construction. I believe that Bellmer wanted to redefine, expose and overturn how gender and sexuality was critiqued in Nazi Germany, while also expressing some internal anxieties on his own. In the year 1933, the Nazis came to power in Germany. It was at this time that Bellmer gave up all work that might contribute to the government. During this time is went he produced a body of work that would receive a critical response from its viewers. He constructed his series of doll in his response to his thought that “ if the origin if my work is scandalous, it is because for me, the world is a scandal”. Although the society in which he lived in did play a large role in the constructions of these dolls, and scene of this “father role” and identity connecting to (his) a farther figure did come about in some of his works. In the article by Taylor, he goes into detail about the meaning behind the work of Bellmer’s dolls. He points out that much of where he starts from portrays an ideal that much of his works involving dolls, toys, and games derive from this childhood anxiety. Bellmer stated, “Yes, my dolls were the beginning. Obviously there was a convulsive flavor to them...
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