Hanoi and Dear Tom

Topics: Hanoi, Vietnam, Vietnamese language Pages: 5 (2017 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Topic1: write a postcard to your friend, telling him/her about the place where you spend your holiday Dear giap,
This is a picture of MyKhe beach. It is beautiful,in the sea sight looks very romanticly. The sun shone when I and my dad were going for a walk on the beach. On the contrary, when it rise (rose) (grammar), the glow of dawn was dazzling bright red but it was not intense heat. When the sun began to appear, at the same time I had (bo 1 had) (tense) breakfast with shrimps which are big and fresh. Food was cheap and delicious. Resorts was(were) comfortable and convenient as my home. I am happy and wish you were here with me. I hope we would meet each other soon.

Topic2: Kumiko ia a Japanese student who visits HCM city on a study tour. She write a postcard to her friend at home telling him/her about the city and how she lives and studies Dear Kazuko,

How are you? I hope you and your family are well. I’m doing a VietNamese language course. I meet some advantages and disadvantages when coming to live and study here. The first disadvantage, I got difficulties when communicating with many people because everyone speaks VietNamese. Then, I reach(reached) (tense) impasse about looking for accommodation because HCM city is very crowded. I still miss the Japanese food although VietNamese foods are delicious and cheap. I still do not adapt to them (??? I don’t understand what you mean). Here, Pho is the most popular food among the population. I recongnize Pho is mostly commonly eaten for breakfast. I also like it, (I like it, too)especially Pho Ga (Pho with chicken). However, there are some advantages. I meet(met) some Janpanese classmates. In addition, professors are very zealous. I can ask them questions at anytime. Beside, VietNamese classmates are friendly and they help me so much. Viet Nam has many special things so I wish you will visit VN on near day. See you soon

Topic3: you are going abroad for study. Write a letter to him/her to say goodbye telling him/her how feel on heading the news. Dear Tom,
It is a nice surprise to hear that I am going abroad for study. This is wonderful news (sentence structure) but I not only sad but also qualmish and worry although I’m happy,too (incoherent: lung cung va mau thuan). Do you know the reason why? I am happy because it was(is) the opportunity I had been(was ) waiting for. I’ll be(bo tobe) approached with new education which (to)improve my knowledge. I’ll have a better diploma but I am worry(worrying). How will I live alone in a far country? I am sad and qualmish because I don’t want to be away from my small family, my friends and pretty neighbours. I don’t know how I will start new life? I am afraid of crying and missing everything. Hic! I am going to say goodbye to you! Look after yourself! I hope the time will fast elapse . (I will) come back with you and everyone on winter holiday. Try hard!!! See you soon.

Topic4: Last Sunday you didn’t go out because it rained all day along. Write a letter to your friend what you did on that day. Dear Tom,
You know, last Sunday I intended to visit you but it was raining cats and dogs so I had to stay in all day long. I had to find something to do. Firstly, I cleaned my room because it was dirty and untidy. Later, I cooked lunch with my Mum. We finished soon, a meal of lunch was delicious with Pho beef. My Dad praised us. I felt very happy and warm. After lunch my younger sister helped me washing dishes. After that I went back to my room and watched TV but there was no interesting chanel. I read continuously the novel which I like best and I felt asleep. In the afternoon , I got up when it was still raining . I played game online with my pretty younger sister. It was soon dark and after I had dinner(As soon as, my family had dinner after) I did some homeworks (sentence structure). When I had finished it I listened to...
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