Hannibal Essay

Topics: Hannibal, Second Punic War, Carthage Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: January 22, 2007
Hannibal of Carthage

Throughout history only a few generals can claim the title of military genius, and one such man is Hannibal Barca. Hannibal was inspired by his father whose name was Hamilcar Barca who had also served as a general in previous years. Hamilcar had much of an impact on Hannibals life primarily because he served in the first Punic War and allowed him the standing ground for which Hannibals footsteps would soon follow. After the death of his father and his brother-in-law, Hannibal succeeded him as general and commander of the Carthaginian army in his early years, and would later enter one of the most talked about wars in history the second Punic War.

Hannibal "Barca", Barca meaning "lightning" was not a family it was an epithet that Hamilcar used and his son chose to use was born in the year 247 B.C. Hannibal had a brother-in-law named Hasdrubal who served in the closing of the first Punic War and a further conquest in Hispania he was assassinated by a Celt in 228 B.C. Though there is much speculation as to why Hannibal decided to follow in his fathers footsteps and become a general for Carthage, as the story goes when Hannibals father was leaving he begged his father to allow him to come with him. Hamilcar agreed and made Hannibal swear to never be a friend of Romes it is believed Hannibal said this in response. "I swear so soon as age will permit...I will use fire and steel to arrest the destiny of Rome". Hannibal is universally ranked as one of the greatest military leaders in history. He was famously christened "Father of Strategy" because his greatest enemy Rome adopted many of his strategies.

Hannibal Barca served during the second Punic War leading his tropps through several major battles such as Trebia, Trasimene, and Cannae. In the spring of 218 B.C. When Hannibal departed Carthage he was 25 years old, assuming command over Carthaginian Spain. First Hannibal gave the Saguntines space to avoid conflict with Rome but Spain flush...
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