Hannibal Barca

Topics: Roman Republic, Second Punic War, Hannibal Pages: 2 (319 words) Published: May 25, 2014

Maximilian Otto Bismarck Caspari wrote of him:
- “As to the transcendent military genius of Hannibal there cannot be two opinions. The man who for fifteen years could hold his ground in a hostile country against several powerful armies and a succession of able generals must have been a commander and a tactician of supreme capacity” Robert Garland

- Though this claim may seem questionable to our post Hanibalic world, It was moreover the experience of the Second Punic War the first stimulated the Romans to write a national history. Polybius chose 220BC to begin narrative of Rome’s tak over of the Mediterranean

- It is largely due to Hannibal’s defeat at Zama that we stand here today as the heirs of Graeco Romano culture. Had Scipio lost there is no guarantee that the Carthaginians would have incorporated Hellenic culture into their livelyblood

- It was the Hannibalic war which drew he Romans into the Greek orbit as never before wh
- Arguably Hannibal’s greatest legacy is that he left Rome with no serious rival
- Linda –Marie Gunther writes that Hannibal’s historical importance lies in the fact that he brought to light to his contemporaries and to later generations the restletsnes s of Rome’s politics of alliance and expansion

- Livy on Rome’s condition after Cannae. ‘The consuls and two consular armies had been destroyed and there was no longer any Roman camp or any general.
- On Toynbee – an instance of an attempt to attach blame for a historical event on a single individual, and few historians or environmentalists would today treat the clain seriously
- Poet Juvenal – the man whom Africa could not contain, who added Scipio to his empire, who leapt over the Pyrenees.
- Dr Samuel Johnson couplet imitation of Satire 10 He left a name, at which the world grew pale, to point a moral and adorn tale  
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