Hannah Arendt's Total Domination: On Totalitarian Rule

Topics: Nazism, Totalitarianism, Human Pages: 1 (669 words) Published: October 30, 2014

Total Domination Analysis
Hannah Arendt wrote “Total Domination” as the Nazi regime began their apparatus of terror and destruction. As a motive of terror, Hitler removed specific races, the mentally impaired, and other attributes that weren’t suited for him and put them in concentration camps. He not only eliminated the human species but also history was lost as well. In “Total Domination” Arendt correctly explains totalitarian rule through acts of terror, losing individuality, and leaving ones humanity and self-judgment, In a totalitarian rule, Arendt proceeds by not viewing genocide as a condition. However, what she does argue is that totalitarian does not only try to eliminate physical life but rather “total terror.” Total terror can be defined as abolishing certain rights, property, and the deportation and murder of an entire race or community. In the era of the Nazi genocide, non-Jews were unwillingly able to share their experiences and knowledge of this event. In fact, survivors were also not allowed to talk about what had happened either. Many of these people feared that no one would believe them or they suffered from a severe trauma. Either way, terror was caused throughout each individual. In “Total Domination” by Hannah Arendt, she believes that terror is used to control a ‘species’ and is the primary condition for totalitarianism. Arendt points out, “the problem is to fabricate something that does not exist namely, a kind of human species resembling other animal species whose only ‘freedom’ would consist of preserving the species” (282). As I revert back to Hitler, he only believed in the superior race where one person had blonde hair and blue eyes. Also, anyone who defied him was also not up to his standards. The people who didn’t fit his standards were sent to concentration camps where most of them later perished. This is just one example of what Arendt was referring to when she was talking about “…as if all of humanity-were just one...
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