Hank Kolb Case

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The following are the problems that Kolb’s production line has to address:

1. Personnel - the operator of the filling equipment is not suitable for the job because of lack of knowledge and proper training 2. The filling equipment – the machine is not particularly designed for filling the Greasex cans. It was originally made for other purpose. 3. Maintenance – there is no definite schedule of preventive maintenance for the filling equipment. 4. Purchasing – agents from purchasing have not yet finalized on a supplier that has non-defective nozzle to fit on the nozzle heads 5. Product design and packaging – the contoured shape of the can is perceived to be catchy by the designers because of its easier to be gripped feature. But Kolb sees the shape as problem for filling 6. The manufacturing manager – despite the favorable production quota from Simmons, have some issues for cost improvements and reduced delivery times that Kolb has to re-consider before filling in Simmons for promotion 7. The marketing – the introduction of Greasex was rushed to market even if the product is still a bit off-spec


Using the Six-Sigma Analysis, Kolb should solve the major problems of his production line using the DMAIC as recommended below:

1. Define (D)

Identify customers and their priorities.
Identify a project suitable for Six-Sigma efforts based on business objectives as well as customer needs and feedback. ●Identify the CTQs (critical-to-quality characteristics) that the customer considers to have the most impact on quality.

Kolb should have in mind already the safety of the products to customers, not just target unit sales. Being the new Director of Quality Assurance, he must look closely to the process and implement improvement to which the steps are causing trouble or maybe eliminate or change what is causing the trouble....
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