Handwriting a Letter Versus Sending an E-Mail Message

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Brittany Hancock
September 21, 2011
Handwriting a Letter Versus Sending an E-mail Message
Handwriting a letter is very similar yet different from sending an email. Since the dawn of man until around the 1980’s people have wrote letters. In the 1990’s when the home Internet was first available, people became so fond of e-mailing that handwriting letters quickly became a lost art. Handwriting a letter is more personal and slower. While sending an e-mail is faster, easier, and not as personal. Both forms of communication have the ability to tell someone something, and most people like receiving a letter whether handwritten or by e-mail.

E-mailing someone isn’t as personal as handwriting a letter. If someone writes the president a letter he might actually take the time to sit down and read it. Handwriting the letter versus e-mailing it to him lets him know someone actually took the time to sit down and think about what they were going to write. If they e-mail him most likely someone who works for him will read it first and ask him if he wants to read it, and there are probably millions of people who e-mail him, so he probably won’t read every single one. So, there might be a better chance if the letter is handwritten because it seems as if they really want the president to hear what they have to say.

The time frame it takes to actually sit down and write a letter does take longer than e-mailing someone. If you were to e-mail someone you can use abbreviations such as “ lol”, “wrud”, “ bc”, and “ttyl”. Using abbreviations like these are quicker, easier and more time efficient even though they may not be considered proper grammar. Although handwritten are not as short as e-mails they are most likely to have better grammar, and usually more detailed. When people get on the computer, they probably are doing more than one thing at a time so their e-mail is short, if they are more focused on something else. If someone is...
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