Hands That Help Are Holier Than Lips That Pray

Topics: Earth, Spirituality, World Pages: 2 (876 words) Published: September 5, 2013
The title for this chapter is, of course, a quote made famous by Sai Baba. There is great truth in these words. It speaks to two basic lessons from the Ascended Masters’ perspective. The first is the importance of grounding your Spirituality. Many lightworkers live in the Celestial realms and are not grounding their Spirituality on Earth! It cannot be emphasized enough that to fully realize God, one must do it on all three levels-Spiritual, Psychological and Physical/Earthly. We are here to be God on Earth! If we want to be with God in Heaven we must act like God on Earth! This is the Material Face of God! It must be honored, embodied and sanctified! Our service must also take a physical form so we are doing some good in this Earthly/Physical world, not just on the Spiritual, Mental or Emotional planes! Each person, in truth, is responsible for leaving a legacy in this world! Many lightworkers think they are being Spiritual and balanced, however, in truth, they are disowning the Material Face of God and running away from their Earthly responsibilities! They are not manifesting their Spiritualitiy in their physical bodies and in God’s physical body! Sometimes Spiritual practices can be a cop out for doing what the real Spiritual lesson is. Edgar Cayce’s Universal Mind channeling summed this up well when he said, “There are sins of omission and commission”! To pray or do an affirmation or visualization is easy. To really get your hands dirty like Mother Teresa and help people in a physical way takes more time, energy, and investment. Some lightworkers are arrogant and think they are too good to enter the physical! When I say enter the physical, it does not have to be like Mother Teresa, it may just be grounding your particular gift and Spiritual Mission onto the Earth. Whatever it is get it on to the Earth. Make a difference in people’s lives physically as well. Just having wonderful ideas, or visions and never manifesting this in the physical world means nothing!...
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