Handling Conflict

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In this world every working organization is having its own conflicts and the way of managing that conflicts are also differ from others. Conflicts can become cause of stress for organization and for individual. There are different types of conflicts and several ways of resolving the conflicts. In this report, the conflicts of one working organization can be shown and the recommendations according to the “Blake and Mouton’s model of handling conflicts” to solve the conflicts of the organization.


The organization is called “International Media Cooperation” working as private channel since 1990. The organization is based in Pakistan and having one office in Dubai and one in United Kingdom. It broadcasts the transmission to different countries like Dubai, Pakistan, United Kingdom, and United States of America. There are different department in each office having large numbers of employees. There is one labor union to solve small issues of labors. Every department has a manager and an assistant manager. The organization is at the highest position in the market of Pakistan, with many competitors. As other organizations, this organization is also having several conflicts and to keep the organization alive and at the top of others, the conflicts should be resolved.

Before exploring the conflict of the organization, it is essential to understand conflict and its types.


Conflict is state of mind it usually arises between two parties and these two parties are aware of that conflict. In any national or multinational organization, every individual has separate values and interest, these values and interest become base of conflicts. Conflict may arise among employees of the organization, between different departments, within working group and with shareholders. Within the organization there are many reasons which can create conflict like wages, equal opportunities, negotiations and employee involvement.


There are four types of frame of conflict which are based on different characteristics made by ALAN FOX in 1966-1973. These frames are described as follow:

1. Unitarist

2. Pluralist

3. Interactionist

4. Redical


Stephen Ackroyd and Paul Thompson (1999) and Johnson (2000) have given the important points of the unitarist . According to Stephen and Paul, unitarist believes a commonality of interests between organization’s employees and the senior of the organization like managers. Unitarist assumes that manager is changing the behavior of the employees of the organization, having some conflict, by the help of conflict resolving methods.


This frame of reference considers that organization is an assemblage and every group has dissimilar interests which may cause conflicts. This frame refuses, that the employees and the management of the organization are both having same interest. According to the pluralist, the conflict is irresistible but not that much harmful. Conflict can be use as a positive energy by observing the bad points of the organization and to make changes for the betterment of the organization.


This frame of reference assumes that for the effective and impressive performance, the conflict can become one of the energetic and positive force. The interactionist accept that the conflict is unavoidable should be promote whenever it comes forth in view. If there is peaceful environment in every department, the chances of groupthink will be increased as identified by Irving Janis in 1982 and by Coser and Schwenk in 1990. In order to make employees motivated and active, managers in the organization keep fear and conflict but minimum level.


The radical frame views that any organization or workplace is the platform where conflict usually arises between employees and manager. This frame is established on the...
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