Handicraft Industry in Nepal

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Handicraft Industry in Nepal

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Handicrafts are unique expressions that represent a culture, tradition and the heritage of a country. Nepal is well known for its exotic Handicrafts legacy and tradition. A wide range of Nepalese Handicrafts represents the diversity of Handicrafts Tradition in Nepal. Handicraft is an artwork that needs tremendous artistic skills and creative mastery. Variety of designs and finishes are available in Nepalese market that reflects excellent artistic skills of craftsmen. .

Handicraft, also known as craft work or simply craft, is a type of work where useful and decorative devices are made completely by hand or using only simple tools. Usually the term is applied to traditional means of making goods. The individual artisanship of the items is a paramount criterion; such items often have cultural and/or religious significance. Handicrafts were the predominant form of production until the appearance of large-scale machine industry, with which they coexist, although they have lost much of their former importance. The characteristics of handicrafts are the use of simple implements of labor; the decisive importance of the artisan’s skill, which makes possible the production of high-quality, artistic goods; and small-scale production, in which the artisan works alone or with an extremely limited number of assistants. Often, the concept of handicrafts does not include domestic handicrafts, which are designated by some other term. For example, peasant domestic handicrafts may be known as domestic industry. Sometimes, only commissioned handicrafts are included in the concept of handicrafts, and handicrafts for market are referred to as cottage industry. The term “handicrafts” sometimes designates commissioned work and marketed work only at the stage when artisans are small-scale, economically independent producers who personally own the means of production.

Nepalese Handicrafts can be categorized into two major divisions: Traditional/Conventional
Products such as metal statues, ethnic costumes, traditional silver jewellery, wood carving, religious and ritual objects like bells, vajra, stone sculpture, metal utensil, paubha painting, ceramics, Handmade Paper, Hand Knitwear, filigree, Bell, Vajra products are traditional Nepalese crafts. Contemporary/Modern

Products like home furnishing material, floor covering, modern painting, patina products, puzzle toys, macramé (knot crafts), pashmina, leather products, modern silver jewellery gift ware, decorative items, dolls & puppets, crazy hats, batik, bead crafts, bone & horn products, natural buttons, felt craft etc. are some of the modern forms of Nepalese handicrafts. Origin:

Handicrafts emerge with the rise of human productive activity. Developing along with technology under different social formations, handicrafts assume various forms. In conformity with the stages of the social division of labor, they are usually subdivided into domestic handicrafts, commissioned (made-to-order) handicrafts, and handicrafts produced for the market. Domestic handicrafts, the earliest form, prevail before handicrafts develop into an independent sector of the economy. Produced by the members of a household to satisfy their own needs, they are an inseparable part of the subsistence economy. Nepalese handicraft history can be traced back to the Stone Age when human beings were inadequate of tools of any kind. The history of artistic handicrafts only began during the 5th Century A.D., when different religions began to form their bases among the people of Nepal. Hence we see a lot of religious influence on Nepalese...

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