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Handicraft, it itself defines that it is not made by a machine. It is the result of someone’s hard work and strong devotion. It describes how our culture, tradition and origin are. It also tells about the past condition of our country. Some handicraft products are nakhsi katha, jewellery…………………………………… because of globalization our handicraft product has crossed the national boundary and it has reached the other corners of the world. As it is eco-friendly it has able to attract people towards it. BSCIC (Bangladesh small and Cottage Industries Corporation) provides training to cope up with the global quality standard.
300 handicraft producers are enlisted with Banglacraft (the association of handicraft manufacturers and exporters) among more than 1000 handicraft producers in Bangladesh.
A large no of handicraft producers sell their products in local market like Naksha, Prabartana(99%),Arong(96%) and few members sell their products in foreign like Hathay Bunano, Prabartana(1%),Arong(4%), Prokritree(99%)
Because of some issues or poers handicraft business can compete with the artificial machine made products like
It provides large product variety and range
Low capital investment
Resourceful in craft raw materials
Low barriers for new entry in the market.
Handicraft has also some barriers like lack of capabilities in producing large volume lack of finance and non-introduction of effective technology lack of co-ordination between govt. and private players industry is still confined to rural areas and small cities
No involvement of technical persons like textile engineers fashion designers.
Handicraft business can have a proper development by ensuring some opportunities like
Rising demand and usage of handicraft products
Developing of domestic and international tourism sector
E-commerce and internet can emerged to sell the craft products
Recognizing the potential source of foreign revenue.
Beside this some threats are also there like
Handcrafted products have to

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