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From the video I can see that I am not a good defender in the handball game, I rarely keep my position, Also I lack skills in goal keeping , I lose visual contact of the ball easily which results in a goal. However I am good at catching passes , I manage to do most of the steps needed for successful catching properly, I just need to remember that i have to keep the ball at face level for better catching, Also I need to keep my hands ready before the pass happens so I can be quicker in catching. My overhead shot is of a good level too, the ball receives a good amount of power when it is thrown, and I do most of the needed steps correctly, However, I can improve the timing of when I shoot so that chances of scoring are higher. My dribbling skills are very basic I do most of the general steps correctly but in the video I could see that I have to look at the ball to keep good control of it as my coordination is poor in handball. This may enable an attacker to steal the ball easily from me if I don’t see him coming. Overhead pass: my overhead passes are very successful, I shot high and with accuracy so they are hard to be intercepted by the opponents, timing of pass is good too as I do not hurry to get rid of the ball, Also the steps needed to produce a good pass are all made correctly.

HMS vs. LUX – MHA cup 2012 – 27th October 2012
LUX team:
As a defensive strategy there were playing a 5-1 strategy. There weak links were that the team wasn’t running back to defensive line all together, are there communication during the game was very weak so when a player was being marked by an opponent he wouldn’t warn his team. Also the players need to improve on one to one offensive and defensive play. And while attacking they need to improve their passing, because due to insufficient communication and ball was lost frequently because the player wouldn’t be ready to receive the ball. HMS team:

The players while attacking were continuously passing the ball...
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