Hand Washing

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Proper Hand Washing

Teachers and parents have been trying to instill the importance of hand washing in children for years. Do you remember being in elementary school and your teacher would take the whole class to the restroom before every meal to wash your hands, and you'd get angry because all you wanted to do was hurry down to the cafeteria and eat, you didn't want to waist time washing your hands. Well washing your hands is one of the leading ways to prevent germs from spreading and making you sick. Several Diseases can be contracted just because you don't wash your hands properly. So be thankful your teacher was religious about making sure you were germ free!

According to Wirthlin's worldwide hand washing study in 1996 "People do not wash their hands as often as they think they do. Wirthlin's telephone survey found that 94% of respondents (1004 adults) claimed they always wash up after using the restroom. The observational survey viewed 6333 adults in public restrooms in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans and San Francisco (3236 males and 3097 females) and found that only 68%, in fact, did so." If another 32% of people would realize that washing your Koering 2

hands helps prevent the spread of illnesses such as meningitis1, influenza2, hepatitis a3, and many others imagine how healthy we could be. Dr. Semmelweis was the first doctor to make a connection between the spread of illnesses and hand washing, well over a hundred years ago. He performed an experiment after noticing a high death rate in expecting mothers being treated at the hospital. Since the doctors would go from working on a cadaver4 straight to seeing the mothers without washing their hands, they were spreading pathogenic bacteria5, which in return was killing the expecting mothers. Dr. Semmelweis had all of his student's wash their hands before examining the mothers and the death rate drop to 0%.

Now I'll explain when to should wash your hands, and the proper technique so...
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