Hand Glove Mouse

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here we designed and built a wireless computer pointing device with accelerometer based movement control. Our implementation allows the user to wear a set of hardware (a glove and connected armband) and control a cursor through different hand orientations and finger presses. Users can operate their computers with their hands in midair without the hassle of desks surfaces or wires.

The motivation for this project was to create an intuitive glove-based pointing device for multiple applications. The hope was to be able to create not just a working project but a fully-developed device in terms of intuitive functionality and practical, usable features. We note that past ECE 4760 project groups and outside hobbists have developed similar pointing devices, some glove-based and some not. While our end goals were similar to some previous projects, our intent was to only reference their projects as proof of the feasibility of our idea and ultimately to develop a more elegant, full solution to further the “glove mouse initiative”

Logical structure

At a high level, our design consists of two main parts: a glove and a base station. Operation of our device begins with the glove. A user wearing the glove can use hand tilt orientation and finger presses to operate the glove. The glove senses these user actions via two types of sensors: accelerometers and finger contact pads. After the glove's microcontroller processes the input data, it forwards a message a transceiver mounted on the glove unit. The transceiver then transmits this message wireless to a transceiver on the base station. The receiving transceiver forwards the the message base station microcontroller. Finally, the microcontroller converts the message into a computer HID user friendly format and moves the computer cursor appropriately.


An accelerometer is a device that measures the proper acceleration of the device. This is not necessarily the same as the coordinate acceleration (change of velocity of the device in space), but is rather the type of acceleration associated with the phenomenon of weight experienced by a test mass that resides in the frame of reference of the accelerometer device. For an example of where these types of acceleration differ, an accelerometer will measure a value when sitting on the ground, because masses there have weights, even though they do not change velocity. However, an accelerometer in gravitational free fall toward the center of the Earth will measure a value of zero because, even though its speed is increasing, it is in an inertial frame of reference, in which it is weightless. With the help of the accelerometer we can control the movement of any robotic arm or movement or control of any electrical appliances. If we install our accelerometer to our hand, then it is possible to control any thing with the help of our hand . So in our project we use accelerometer to control the direction of any robot . With the help of four different motion we control the direction of robot for forward, reverse left and right An accelerometer thus measures weight per unit of (test) mass, a quantity also known as specific force, or g-force. Another way of stating this is that by measuring weight, an accelerometer measures the acceleration of the free-fall reference frame (inertial reference frame) relative to itself. Most accelerometers do not display the value they measure, but supply it to other devices. Real accelerometers also have practical limitations in how quickly they respond to changes in acceleration, and cannot respond to changes above a certain frequency of change.

In the transmitter circuit we use one RF module to send the data serially via radio frequency . Here in this project we use 433 Mhtz radio frequency module o send the data serially. Modulating frequency of the project is 433Mhtz and modulation type is ASK.


When ever we want to send a data we use...
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