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han and roman empire

By khq9 Feb 24, 2014 510 Words
During the time from 200 BCE to 600 CE, the decline of the classical empires began. Mediterranean and Chinese Empires both fell due to nomadic attacks and problems with defending their long borders. However, the Mediterranean Empire fell from an outside force, whereas the Han Empire fell from within. Fall of the Han Empire came from within their region. Several revolts occurred in the Han Empire because the government didn’t provide people with any type of entertainment unlike the Roman Empire did. Also, the Han Empire was prone to attacks from nomadic tribes because the Empire had a large area of land to protect. Another reason why the Han Empire fell was due of the lack of the government to rule because some of Han’s Empires were just not good. The increase of the Han population became another problem. Peasants had less land because of such an increase of population. That meant that families had smaller land plots and families were having trouble supporting for themselves. The government had trouble collection taxes from the peasant population because the peasants didn’t have enough money to go around. Han’s economy fell because of all of the internal problems it was having. When the trade is bad in China, Han Empire, it would impact the rest of the world like the Romans for example because most of the trade came from China. Without trade, no money can come into an economy. The Decline of the Roman Empire was due to many events too. The main reason that the Roman Empire fell was that it too, had a long border. Because of the long border, it was hard for the Romans to protect attacks by Germanic Tribe. Rome also fell because of the division of empires. Unlike the Han Empire, the Roman Empire had revolt by the upper class population because they were saying that they had to pay too much. Also, whereas the Han Empire was effected directly with nomadic invasions, the Roman Empire was effected indirectly with those same nomadic people. Rome had a decrease in trade because of the problems going on in the east with the Han Empire. There wasn’t a lot of trade coming from the east, so the Romans couldn’t trade and boost their economy. One big difference between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Han Empire was that the Roman Empire had some type of entertainment for their people to go out and enjoy. Because of this, Rome had less rebellions from their people. The decline of the Classical Empires, Roman and Han Empire, was both due to internal and external forces. Many events took place to cause such a big impact on the world. For example, trade from China effected economies in Rome and India. Without trade from the east side of the world, the trade network doesn’t work. Similarly, invasions of outside forces of the Han and Roman Empires effected each other either directly or indirectly. It just shows that all major Empires must come to an end.

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