Hammer Wines

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Since Hammer Wines was first established in 1985 as a small family business, it has developed into a national organisation employing 17 staff with a turnover of over $14 million. Over the past twenty years its computer facilities have also grown from a single computer, used solely for word processing to a globally connected, multi user network, providing knowledge management facilities including document generation, management analysis, data management and accounts.

Throughout this time, computer training has been on an ad-hoc basis. As a result many new staff members believe that they lack the skills to effectively complete their work. Some of the senior staff have also been complaining that they are being forced to spend far too much time with newer staff trying to teach them relevant computer skills, especially customised organisational systems. Recently, there have been a number of incidents in which incorrect accounts were sent as a result of mistakes made due a lack of systems connection to the customer database.

The purpose of this report is to discuss the advantages of implementing a computer training policy at Hammer Wines, to analyse the different types of training options and to recommend a training strategy and provide guidelines for its implementation.

Current Situation
There is presently no formal training policy at Hammer Wines. In the past Marilyn Hammer has dedicated time to show new staff members how to operate specific programs, however she is not always available and has recently made the decision to work in the business on a part time basis. There is a general feeling amongst staff they could do a much better job if they were given adequate training.

Why Focus on Training?
A well run training program should improve efficiency for all staff. Workers could not only be trained to perform their own jobs, they could then learn one or more of the jobs performed by members of the team. This could provide more...
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