Hamlet Trial

Topics: Hamlet, Murder, Characters in Hamlet Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: January 10, 2012
Based on what I saw in the trial, Hamlet is definitely guilty of committing second degree murder on King Claudius. When the prosecution had a chance to cross examine Queen Gerutde, she admitted that Prince Hamlet was over protective of her and he had a grudge against Claudius for the immediate marriage following King Hamlet’s death. Since Hamlet cared for his mother so dearly and had a strong hatred for Claudius, it’s understandable why he had a furious rage to kill Claudius once he realized his mother had died by the poison which was meant to murder him. All of his bottled up anger was released when he realized he could no longer save his mother and immediately acted off of the rage to kill Claudius. Later on in the trial Osoric gave his view on how the fencing match between Laertes and Hamlet was developing and revealed throughout the match Hamlet became extremely competitive and they both began fiercely attacking each other with the intent to harm one another. While energy and anger were both building up inside Hamlet at the time to gain him his victory, he reached the zenith of his emotions when he learns his mother drank poison. With the adrenaline from the fierce math that took place and rage he was feeling, Hamlet was at the point of breaking and brutally attacked the king and forced him to drink poison to gain Hamlet’s retribution for the death of his parents. Hamlet did entirely plan to kill Claudius and could be considered to be first degree murder, but at the time of the murder he was not planning to kill him then and there it was all in the sudden realization of his mother’s death.
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