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Topics: Hamlet, Characters in Hamlet, Gertrude Pages: 4 (1270 words) Published: December 5, 2014
Hamlet synthesis questions. Below are a list of questions we will be discussing next week (depending on your class day). You will be assigned one questions will serve both as a quiz grade AND a basis for our class discussion. This assignment has two parts: 1. A brief research portion, where you will paraphrase a critic’s point 2. Your own opinion of the question with at least 5 quotes to back up your position. Remember, we are going to look at the entire play—your response should include a discussion of this. Your grade will be all based on your ORAL response; however, you need to turn in your outline to the question which should contain a paragraph paraphrase of the website consulted. Please cite this in proper MLA format. Please fill out the answer sheet to serve as an outline for your discussion. 1. Explore the character of Fortinbras, the prince. Was his claim on the throne justified? What is his purpose in the play? You should explore the “Fortinbras’ claim” section of this website: http://elsinore.ucsc.edu/DaneFrame.html 2. What drove Ophelia crazy? How did Shakespeare use her character to further his purpose? Explore the “Ophelia” section of this website: http://elsinore.ucsc.edu/DaneFrame.html 3. What is Horatio’s purpose in the play? Find an article/critical interpretation that deals with this. Then, decide for yourself. 4. Who spies on whom in this play? Why? What is Shakespeare’s purpose in using this motif?

5. Marcellus famously declares that "something is rotten in the state of Denmark." What other natural imagery is used to describe the corruption of the Danish court? What "unnatural" events or behaviors preceded the events recounted in the play? What "unnatural" events or behaviors occur during the play? 6. One of the great paradoxes of this play is that Hamlet, the hero of one plot, is the villain of the other. This realization reflects directly the duality of human nature. What other characters does Shakespeare use to advance...
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