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By husniyaazim Jul 24, 2014 1205 Words
Youth Criminal Justice Act
Not Too Harsh

Thesis Statement:
1. The Youth Criminal Justice Act, acts as an impartial system for youth as they are punished and rehabilitated, manipulating their mind positively to provide our community with a sense of immunity once they have faced all considerate consequences relating to their offence. 2. The Youth Criminal Justice Act is an effective way of helping young adults, get a good understanding of the legal system and understanding the seriousness of criminal offence, mainly working fairly on the rehabilitation of teens. The harshness of this act is just at a good point as statistics show, criminal offences are decreasing. 3. The Youth Criminal Justice Act distinguishes between serious and less serious crimes which open the concept of reformation, which shows the individual the error of their ways and makes them not want to commit any further criminal offences. The act insures that society is protected, and the youths receive healthy and effective reformation, in a safe and fair way.

Adrian Brooks – successful lawyer quote – “The aim of the law should be: How do we keep kids out of custody and learning everything in jail?” Main purpose of the law is safety and giving out guidance

3 points:
Act focuses on rehabilitation which helps take the teen back into society with no intentions of committing another offence Youth court judge allowed imposing adult sentences for violent crimes Usually don’t understand the long-term effect of what they’re doing because they don’t even have the right to start making any big choices for themselves

Body Paragraph 1: What is the Law?
Focus more on rehabilitation
12-17, inclusive; youths 14 and older treated more like adults Must be advised of right to a lawyer
Known to be “An act in respect of criminal justice for young persons and to amend and repeal other Acts (2002, YCJA).” Main purpose of this act is to respectfully get the youth back into society where they can finish off the years they have to adulthood, where they commence to understand the new rules of society as a matured individual In the case of the Youth Criminal Justice Act being too harsh on youth, it was created with an abundance of detail to make sure that the crime that is executed, gets the time that is fairly equal to the crime that has been done as a young person. Many sentences, including closed and open custody; up to 10 years for first-degree murder The principles of sentencing as followed:

To hold offenders accountable for their criminal behaviour
To consider the victims needs and concerns
To impose appropriate sanctions, with emphasis on rehabilitating youths, reintegrating them into society, and protecting society Body Paragraph 2: Act mainly surrounds the topic of rehabilitation which gives the teen a more time to think about what they had done wrong, and how it may affect individuals surrounding him. As seen in 2011/2012 Canadian statistics, the ten most common cases completed in youth courts have decreased from 1991/1992 Theft (-17%)

Break and enter (-15%)
Major assault (-15%)
Criminal harassment (-14%)
Impaired driving (-21%)
“For many types of cases, including, attempted murder, major assault, common assault, theft, break and enter, fraud, mischief, failure to appear, breach of probation, unlawfully at large and impaired driving, the number completed in 2011/2012 was the lowest since data were first collected in 1991/1992 (statcan, 2013).” Change from young offenders act which didn’t focus as much on rehabilitation to youth criminal justice act which its main focus is rehabilitation has helped drop the number of youth committed criminal offences

Body Paragraph 3: a youth who commits a serious offence that cannot be reasonably argued with can be given an adult sentence If youth commits a homicide, the act will not protect him
Youth who unknowingly deserve to be tried as an adult usually get adult sentences Take careful consideration the principles of sentencing
Gun crimes are not very common
Shown in “ten most common cases completed in youth court, Canada (statcan, 2013).” Chart/survey

Body Paragraph 4: Youth do not have legal rights to do anything in their lifetime before the age of 18 which doesn’t allow them to have the experience to think of the long-term affects their choices may have Not allowed to vote until 18; voting seems to trigger the brain to think long term about how that candidate is going to run “whatever”, since they’re going to be their long term Many more examples to come

“YOLO” is their main priority
Before going to university don’t realize how much responsibility and long term goals means as much Personal experience

Youth criminal justice act acts as an effective system for adolescence to adjust their vial behaviour , statistically proven to be active Youth criminal justice act takes into account step to step principles which influence sentences in a positive matter The focus on rehabilitation keeps statistics dropping and the youth with no intentions for committing criminal offences If youth has committed an incredibly via offence there is a possibility they can be tried as an adult All teens aren’t safe from everything

Youth aren’t given enough freedom/responsibility to know exactly what they are doing or think of the long term effect of what they are about to commit Annotated Bibliography

Back to Youth Criminal Justice. (n.d.). Justice For Youth and Children. Retrieved May 23, 2014, from This website helped me understand the broad spectrum of the youth criminal justice act, with very common questions in the website to help give me an understanding to what was flexible in the act and what was not. It aided my work with providing evidence for many parts of my essay including the introduction, second body paragraph and the thesis.

Gibson, D. L., & Murphy, T. G. (1990). All about law: exploring the Canadian legal system (3rd ed.). Toronto: J. Wiley. This is the grade 11 textbook and it helped me also understand the broad spectrum of the young criminal justice act. It provided a whole chapter on the act making all parts of the act clear. It helped aid my first body paragraph, understand what the law is and how it is specifically implemented on youth and also the thesis, explaining the main aspect of the act to be.

Government. (n.d.). Youth court statistics in Canada, 2011/2012. Government of Canada, Statistics Canada. Retrieved May 23, 2014, from This website is mainly full of different statistics related to criminal offences done by youth offenders. It shows the effectiveness of the youth criminal justice act and helps provide evidence for the arguments listed in my essay.

Government. (n.d.). Youth Criminal Justice Act (S.C. 2002, c. 1). Legislative Services Branch. Retrieved May 23, 2014, from

Government. (n.d.). The Youth Criminal Justice Act Summary and Background.Government of Canada, Department of Justice, Electronic Communications. Retrieved May 20, 2014, from

Senthilnathan, K. (2011, November 16). Punishments for youth crime aren't serious enough in Canada. The Cord RSS. Retrieved May 21, 2014, from

Snyder, T. (2006, February 7). Youth Criminal Justice Act. The Canadian Encyclopedia. Retrieved May 21, 2014, from

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