Hamlet- Soliloquy Reflection

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Shakespeare's Hamlet, is a classic play still read throughout the world to this day. Starring the character Hamlet, and the royal family of Denmark, the play includes everything from murder, betrayal, incest, love and turmoil. Shakespeare is renowned for his writing, in Hamlet specifically the seven soliloquies. Soliloquies are monologue type speeches spoken by Hamlet generally and give the sense of the situation and feelings of Hamlet at the time. After carefully annotating the seven soliloquies, one can see the different states of mind, situations and characterizations of Hamlet. The reader can relate to the feelings Hamlet experiences regardless of the fact most readers have never been in situations as extreme as Hamlet.

In the first soliloquy titled, "O that this too too sullied flesh would melt"(1.2), Hamlet speaks about his father’s death and how he is feeling about his mother's new relationship with his Uncle. Like I'm sure anyone in his situation would feel Hamlet seems to be unsure. He loves his mother dearly and only wishes her happiness, but the fact she married her dead husbands brother less then two months following his father's death worries Hamlet. For myself personally, I have never experienced something like my parents divorcing or dying. However, to an extent I can relate because I can see from his point of view how awkward the situation is. I can relate in the aspect however of grief. Less than two months after his father's untimely death, Hamlet still mourns his loss. However, Hamlet is crudely advised by his mother to just get over it. She hopes that he can move on and I can relate to that. It is hard to relate to a parent dying to breaking up with someone, but on a much smaller scale it seems very similar. Last year after I had a year relationship end, I was heartbroken, however the situation only became worse when after a few weeks; I felt a lot of pressure from my friends to just get over the situation. To put it like Shakespeare I...
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