Hamlet Soliloquies

Topics: Murder, Afterlife, KILL Pages: 2 (325 words) Published: November 18, 2011
 I.            Hamlet -       Considering suicide -       He is blaming his mother/aunt for being incestuous. -       He mentions a rank garden overgrown with weeds. -       “O most wicked speed” & “Hyperion to a Satyr” -       Fond memories of his parents’ love for each other and bad memory of Gertrude’s frailty.

II.            Hamlet -       Response to ghost: revenge -       Dedicating (in words) his life to killing his father’s murderers. -       Deception of mother and uncle? -       Speaks more than he does

III.           Hamlet -       Questions vengeful purpose. -       Compares himself to the player that becomes so passionate “for Hecuba!” -       “Unpregnant of a cause” & “Am I a coward?” -       Hamlet plans the espionage of watching Claudius’ reaction to the play. -       Is the ghost something that is changing its form and making Hamlet kill in vain? Or is his mission sent from heaven and hell justly?

IV.           Hamlet -       Questioning his purpose in life “To be or not to be” -       “Outrageous fortune” -       Death is easier and more peaceful than life. He equivocates death with sleep. -       “Undiscovered country” fear of the afterlife. -       Questions the legitimacy of the ghost “No travelers return.”

V.             Hamlet -       Praying to himself that he might have the will to not murder his own mother like Nero did. -       “Cruel not unnatural” & “Speak daggers to her and speak none”

VI.           Claudius -       “My offence is rank, it smells to heaven” -       He is praying to angels: messed up theology -       He cannot ask to be forgiven because he won’t give up his kingdom, ambition, and queen.

VII.         Hamlet -       Perception is different than truth. Hamlet almost kills Claudius but does not because he doesn’t want Claudius to go heaven. -       If Hamlet had known the truth about Claudius’ “prayer,” he would have killed him, and the play could have ended differently.

VIII.       Hamlet...
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