Hamlet - Revenge

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In William Shakespeare's novel, Hamlet, there is a major theme of revenge. Many characters have gone through betrayal and pain from their loved ones, and seek revenge on them. Two characters that fully fit this description are Young Hamlet and Claudius. Both have strong hatred toward each other and would do anything to kill one another.

Young Hamlet lost his father from what at first he thought was natural causes, however, he is later told otherwise. The ghost of his father appears one night and explains that he was killed by his brother, Claudius, but getting poison poured in his ear. The ghost also ordered Hamlet to get revenge on his uncle.He came up with a plan to prove if his uncle was actually guilty. He had the players put on a play very similar to his fathers death to see what his reaction would be. When the part came up that showed the death, Claudius got up and proclaimed that the play was stupid, proving Hamlet’s suspicion. With all this hurt, anger, and new information, Hamlet knew that he had to kill Claudius. The problem was, he didn’t know how he would kill him or how he’d get away with it. Instead of concentrating and coming up with a clever way of killing him, he put it off. Then, when he found out Laertes plan of war, he realized he needed to come up with the plan to kill Claudius and it needed to be soon. He was having a conversation with his mother one day when he sensed he was being spied on. He realized somebody was behind the curtain and figured it was Claudius. Without hesitation, he stabbed the person through the curtain. To his surprise, it wasn’t Claudius, it was Polonius. He hid the body and wouldn’t tell Claudius where it was hidden, but instead played games with him, causing Claudius to become suspicious. Claudius however, was planning to murder Hamlet also. He knew that Hamlet knew of him killing his father, and sent him off to England to be killed. Hamlet suspected the plan, and took another ship home, but wrote a...
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