Hamlet Response to Literature

Topics: Characters in Hamlet, Love, Hamlet Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Hamlet: Response To Literature
Taking place in Elsinore, Denmark Hamlet by Williams Shakespeare is a remarkable play where love and madness co-exist in an all-out war between family and friends. For many years, literature scholars have viewed Hamlet’s themes in many ways and forms. I intend to view Hamlet’s themes as well to come to a better understanding of the play. In order to fully analyze this I intend to explore family, love, madness and the center of the whole play…death. By carefully considering each point and view of the play, I intend to express these issues in a clear and understandable manner.

Hamlet goes through many complications throughout this play; one in particular is his family. The play is notorious for the way it resides on the issue of incest, Gertrude's marriage to her dead husband's brother, Hamlet's obsession on his mother. Also coping with his father’s death and the remarriage of his beloved mother Hamlet ends up in a whirlpool of his own emotions. It is also important to note how the play is particularly concerned with the way politics influence the changes of family relationships, especially when peace and harmony are sacrificed for political gain. In addition, an important fact is that Hamlet involves three revenge plots that joint two sons avenging their father’s death.

The word love has several definitions; it can mean to feel strongly or personally attached to a person. Different kinds of definitions of love exist; love for an object or thing, love for family members, love in friendship and romantic love. The love that is interpreted in the play: Hamlet is love for family members and romantic love. Even though one thinks love appears to exist, it is not always present. For example, the love Hamlet has for Ophelia is tested when he bumps into her in the halls of the palace. There Hamlet notices that he is being watched and asks Ophelia where her father is, she replies with a lie. “I have heard of your paintings too, well...
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