Hamlet Research Paper Outline

Topics: Gertrude, Characters in Hamlet, Hamlet Pages: 3 (426 words) Published: February 24, 2014

AP Literature & Composition

4 February 2014

Literary Analysis Research Paper Outline
Title: Hamlet: The Independence of Women

I. Introduction
A. Have an opening sentence about how dependent women were in the 1600’s or find a quote online.

B. Discuss womens rights in 1600’s
1. Find a source in online database

C. Compare to other works in that time

D. THESIS: The characteristics of the two female roles in Hamlet shows, through state of mind and actions, that women were not able to make substantial decisions on their own or keep a clear head without men there supporting them.

II. Introduce the two main female roles in Hamlet
A. Ophelia
1. Description of Ophelia
a) http://www.fofweb.com/Lit/default.asp
2. And for Ophelia, she loses her mind when her brother goes to college, Hamlet rejects her, and then he inadvertently kills her father.

B. Gertrude
1. Description
a) http://www.fofweb.com/Lit/default.asp
2. When her husband dies, she marries the next man that she is closest to, who happens to be her former brother in law.

III. General Women in Hamlet
A. http://go.galegroup.com/ps/retrieve.do?sgHitCountType=None&sort=RELEVANCE&inPS=true&prodId=GVRL&userGroupName=moun19932&tabID=T003&searchId=R2&resultListType=RESULT_LIST&contentSegment=&searchType=BasicSearchForm¤tPosition=3&contentSet=GALE|CX2896100016&&docId=GALE|CX2896100016&docType=GALE#CriticalOverview B. Compare that to how most women in the 1600’s were with independence.

IV. Ophelia’s relationship with Hamlet
A. How they met
1. Quotes, and criticism

B. Became lovers
1. Quotes, and criticism

C. Hamlet rejects her
1. Quotes, and criticism

V. Ophelia’s relationship with Polonius
A. How he speaks to her
1. Find quotes

B. The advice he gives her
1. Criticism

C. Is it a two way relationship? Or just one?

VI. Ophelia’s relationship with Laertes
A. Their converstations
1. Find quotes, criticize

B. Does the reader ever see...
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