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April 10, 2013

Hamlet Act 1

1) Bernardo had seen the ghost at prior watch (1.1.38). He is explaining how it has been two nights that this has occurred 2) Marcellus believe that Horatio should speak to the ghost because he’s well educated (1.1.49) He thinks that Horatio is better at communicating to the ghost and wont offend him 3) Fortinbras wants to get revenge on the king who killed his father, therefore he wants to kill Hamlet instead because he is the kings son. (1.1.99) 4) The guards want to tell Hamlet about the ghost because the ghost looks like his father. (1.1.168) They believe that he should be the first to know because it is his father and they trust him 5) Claudius sends Cornelius and Voltimand to Norway. (1.2.35) He does this because he wants to ask the king of Norway for help 6) The king tells Hamlet that he is questioning his depressed aurora (1.2.120) Claudius doesn’t believe that Hamlet is true, he think he is mad 7) Hamlet is upset that his father is dead and who murdered him, also because his mother married his uncle. (1.1.145) Hamlet doesn’t believe his mom should be with his uncle, he is determined to find out how his dad died 8) Horatio tells Hamlet that his father appeared to him on a watch (1.2.198) He tells him this because his father is dead, meaning that it was the ghost of his father. 9) After Hamlet hears this he wants to appear on watch (1.2.204) Hamlet is determined to see his dad and find out what happened 10) Laertes advice to Ophelia is to not believe Hamlet’s love, he will not get married to her because she isn’t of nobility. He warns her to stay away from Hamlet entirely. (1.3.12) Laertes doesn’t believe Hamlet’s intentions with Ophelia are true. 11) Polonius advice to Laertes is to be sociable, but he must not get distracted from his studies. To keep his friends close, and never to borrow or lend money. To stay under the radar. (1.3.60-85) Polonius is saying this so Laertes doesn’t get caught for snooping around. 12) Ophelia promises her father she will not talk to Hamlet, she won’t accept his letters or gifts, she also agreed to find out if Hamlet is crazy. (1.4.145) She is only saying this to appease her father, she is conflicted. 13) The ghost tells Hamlet the truth about the king’s death, how he wasn’t killed by a snake but by his brother who poisoned him. And also how Claudius seduced Gertrude, the ghost wants Hamlet to avenge him. (1.5.50) 14) Hamlet swears Horatio that he go along if he should go crazy and tell no one what he is doing. (1.5.156) he says this because he wants to figure out what truly happened to his father Quote:

1) (1.1.142) Ghost. This section is when the ghost (king) is communicating with the men, he is stating that he wants them to talk to him, to warn him if any bad things are happening to his country. He just wants peace. 2) (1.2.195) Hamlet. He is talking about his dead father and how great he was also how he will never be able to see him again. 3) (1.3.84) Polonius. He is saying that in general you must be true to yourself, and you won’t be fake to anyone else. Then he says goodbye. 4) (1.4.100) Marcellus. He is talking about following Hamlet who wants to see the ghost, “’something is wrong with Denmark’” means that something is very wrong 5) (1.5.49) Ghost. The king is talking about how Claudius had seduced his wife and how he pensioned him.

Hamlet act 2

1) Polonius sends Reynoaldo to take money and notes to Laertes. But his real reason is to spy on Laertes because he wants to see his behaviour, his faults Polonius loves manipulation and spying. (2.1.1) 2) Polonius thinks Hamlet is mad because he is in love with his daughter (2.1.125) Hamlet is of higher social class and loving someone who is below means you will lose your status. 3) Rosencrantz and Guildenstern have come to the castle because Claudius and Gertrude asked them to find out what...
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