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4. Imagine you are Horatio. He has been asked to give an account of his and Hamlet’s actions by the new king, Fortinbras. What would he say? Sir Fortinbras, friends, noble audience lend me your ears;

I come to speak in late Prince Hamlet’s death.
Let me deliver a tale to th’ yet-unknowing world to
Explain the happenings behind this bloodbath that
You from the Polack wars and you from England
Have since so arrive upon.

Of late, the kingdom of Denmark was one of violent
and unnatural acts, terrible accidents, Casual murders,
deaths caused by trickery and by threat, and finally
murderous plans that backfired on their perpetrators.
All which lead to the most tragic death of Prince Hamlet;
my honourable and noble friend – forever held in my heart.

After the death of his great father, Hamlet appeared most distraught. Dressed in knighted colour and veiled lids, sad Hamlet kept aloof. One could suspect this depression was due to a number of things. Firstly, Hamlet’s father whom he regarded as courageous,

Virtuous and godlike suffered an untimely death.
Secondly, what was once love and affection between him
And his lover Ophelia was turning bitter and cold.
Atop of that, the hasty remarriage of his Mother with Claudius Was perceived by everyone as illegal and incestual despite
What that villain Claudius may have told the court.
Such situation would have brought melancholy to any man.

Hamlet’s suspicions that something was rotten in the state of Denmark, Were confirmed one bitter cold night when he was called upon To investigate what my companions and I saw the previous night. ‘Twas a wondrous strange night and mine own scepticism was waning Until the ghost reappeared in the form of the late king Hamlet. Hamlet determined to speak to this spirit which possessed

A incredible likeness to his father, disregarded its nature. The ghost, speaking not, only waved forth, beckoning Hamlet. Ay, fearing the spirit would lead our friend and Prince into Suicidal madness, we were unable to restrain dear Hamlet.

Marcellus and I arrived only to find Hamlet with a mood so odd, Where ‘wild and whirling’ nonsensical words he was speaking. He seemed as enraged as ever, but with a sense of purpose.
Bewildered was I, having seen the ghost, ordered not to reveal The happenings of that night, nor our lords newly ‘antic disposition’. I knew not of the exact words spoken between them then, but, Hamlet later revealed that the dead King’s spirit accused Claudius of Murder; King Hamlet was not as presumed, Bitten by a snake, but poisoned in the ear while sleeping by his own brother.

The ghost filled with anger and hatred demanded revenge
For the punishment of sins in terrifying purgatory.

From that night, Hamlet’s mind was anything but sane.
Continuing his ‘antic disposition’ he fooled everyone,
Feigning the disposition of a man out of his mind.
He kept up his face of madness well methinks,
Making fools of those who pried into his business
And withholding information to untrustworthy
Informants veiled under the ‘guise of friendship.
His love, fair Ophelia suffered most from his disguise,
As Hamlet angered by the returned letters and expressions of affection Let loose all the bitterness he had been feeling since his
Mother’s marriage to Claudius, biding her farewell
With a final insult, upsetting her greatly. Twas later
I learnt that fair maiden was a puppet to Polonius.

Hamlet’s state of mind seemed to spiral into deep despair
I thought him very brave to endure his hardships.
At first being slow to take action on his promise,
The frustration and depression felt was halted as
He drew inspiration from the travelling players,
Spurring him into action and newly found passion.
The reason for his inaction was due to the uncertainy
Of the ghosts nature – how could it be trusted?
What if it was a devil to lead him to damnation?
So to prove the ghosts reliability, Hamlet was to prove the King guilty!...
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