Hamlet Fall

Topics: Hamlet, Characters in Hamlet, Prince Hamlet Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: May 6, 2013
King Hamlet of Denmark has died supposedly of a snakebite he received while he was sleeping in his orchard. Gertrude, King Hamlet’s ex wife, marries his brother, Claudius, within weeks. Horatio and the guardsmen see the ghost of King Hamlet. After them seeing the ghost of King Hamlet they then go to Prince Hamlet and tell him what they had encountered. The ghost then appears to Prince Hamlet, telling him that Claudius was the one that had poisoned him while he slept. Hamlet sets up a way to see if Claudius really did murder the king. He asks a troupe of actors to put on a play re-enacting the murder scene. After seeing his reaction he is convinced that the ghost was saying the truth. Hamlet is to revenge his murder. He eventually does, but Hamlet dies from a poisoned sword and so does his mother who drinks poison intended for Hamlet. A Norwegian prince named Fortinbras, enters with ambassadors from England, who report that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead. Fortinbras is stunned by the gruesome sight of the entire royal family lying sprawled on the floor dead. He steps in to take control of the kingdom. Throughout the play there is a dramatic structure to help the reader understand how the different concepts of “Hamlet” fall together. The rising action of Hamlet is when Hamlet has learned from the ghost of his father that Claudius had poured poison in his ear while he slept in his garden, then ordering him to take revenge. Hamlet begins his revenge by making sure what his fathers ghost had said was true. He uses the "Murder of Gonzago" play, having actors act out how King Hamlet was allegedly murdered. Hamlet sees Claudius reaction and ends up finding Claudius on his knees asking for forgiveness. accidentally kills Polonius, a spy, who thinks he's bats because of unrequited love for his own daughter Ophelia; and gets himself sent off to be murdered, then cleverly turns the tables on his two murderous companions before he comes back to find Ophelia has...
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