Hamlet Essay

Topics: Murder, Delay, Tom DeLay Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: February 4, 2010
Through out the play, Hamlet has many opportunities to avenge his father's death by murdering Claudius; however there was always something that gives us the impression something is holding Hamlet back. There are many reasons why Hamlet might be delaying the revenge. It could be said that Hamlet fears the consequence of killing, or maybe he doubts the ghost, it could also be that Hamlet didn't want to hurt his mother Gertrude or maybe to the fact he is a renaissance prince and doesn't believe in violence.

One of the main reasons believed that Hamlet delayed his revenge is he was scared of the consequences of killing a person. During the play Hamlet didn’t want to kill Claudius while he was praying because Claudius would go to heaven while Hamlet would have to suffer the sin of killing. Hamlet might also think if he kills his consequences could be dammed to hell or suffer a torturous life walking the earth. Risking his life to avenge his father’s death would probably lead to serious consequences regarding himself.

Another reason why Hamlet might be delaying his revenge is he might not want to hurt his mother Gertrude. In the play Hamlet says "I will speak daggers to her but use non" meaning he will talk to her with a sharp tone but do nothing to hurt her which shows he has a lot love for his mother. Also maybe he didn’t to kill Claudius because he didn’t want his mother to have to go through loosing a loved once again. Even though it is believed that his mother had an affair with Claudius her husband’s death still upset her.

Another reason as to why Hamlet delays the killing could be that he might have been waiting for the right timing. He may have been planning the murder very precisely so that he doesn't get caught and suffer any consequences. It could be said that Hamlet is a renaissance Prince, and is not a violent person but more of a deep thinker, which may be the reason that delays him from the killing. His obstacle could be his deep and...
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