Hamlet Essay

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Hamlet Essay

Alexander Solzhenitsyn once said “Good literature substitutes for an experience that we ourselves have not lived through.” By this Solzhenitsyn meant that literature often gives us scenarios and conflicts that we might not experience in our lifetime. This is shown through the literary work Hamlet by William Shakespeare. After reading Hamlet I disagree with this quote because authors often exaggerate the truth to make a story more interesting.

Throughout the play Hamlet faces many conflicts that an everyday person might not. When the play begins we learn that Hamlet’s fathers had been slain by his own brother. Hamlet’s meets his father’s ghost and is asked to get revenge. Many people reading this play might not have their father’s slain in their lifetime but to make the play more interesting Shakespeare put a twist and made Claudius, Old King Hamlet’s brother, the killer. This would make the play more interesting because people wouldn’t expect brothers to kill each other. This conflict would cause people to want to keep reading the book. Hamlet also sees his father’s ghost which asks to get revenge on Claudius for him. In real life no one would ever get to see their dead father’s ghost. The ghost asking Hamlet to get revenge on Claudius gives the play a conflict and would get people to keep reading because they want to see if Hamlet actually goes through with it. The ghost is an exaggeration of what would happen in real life because without this the conflict would most likely have to be presented in a less interesting and captivating way.

Throughout the play Hamlet also faces inner conflicts that make the play more interesting. These conflicts leave the reader wondering what Hamlet will end up doing. One of the major inner conflicts he faces is the decision on whether or not to kill Claudius. Shakespeare has Hamlet contradict himself to grow out the length of the...
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