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Dystopian Novel: The Handmaids Tale vs. Elysium
April 23 2013
Ms Kitchen

A dystopian fiction is a futuristic, imagined universe in which oppressive societal control and the illusion of a perfect society.In Elysium written by Neill Blomkampand and The Handmaids Tale written by Margaret Atwood, these two dystopian fiction focus on how society in the future has altered drastically because how society has became. In both fiction the authors focus on how both society failed and collapsed. Elysium and the handmaids tale show very similar characteristics of dystopian fiction, in both Elysium and The Handmaids Tale you can see that in there society that there is dehumanization, and also propaganda.

Firstly, Elysium and The Handmaids Tale both show a lot of dehumanization in there fictions. For Elysium the society on earth are treated as if they are animals that are not cared for. the reason i say that is because the people living on Elysium have totally different life than the people living on earth. people living on earth are living in a very impure and very inhuman setting, so are the people living on Elysium any better? The people living on Elysium left earth and went and lived on Elysium because they had the money to do so because Elysium was not intended for the poor, it was a luxurious place to live therefore it was very costly . Another thing about Elysium was that the people living on earth that were sick couldn't get help because it was really not available for them because all the machines that could cure them was all on Elysium, therefore the people that were sick would just die.

For The Handmaid's Tale the females in the novels were dehumanized in every waypossible, women rights were stripped for them, they all wore the same color, and there duties were to produce children for the commander, the females basically. ‘I used to think of my body as an instrument, of pleasure, or a means of transportation, or an implement for the...
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