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Hamlet Essay

Hamlet by William Shakespeare is filled with tragedy, devotion, and betrayal. The protagonist of the story is a young prince from Denmark whose father, King Hamlet, is poisoned and killed. When a ghost that resembles the dead king is seen roaming the castle Hamlet goes to speak with it. The ghost speaks to him, declaring gloomily that it is indeed his father’s spirit, and that he was murdered by none other than Claudius. Ordering Hamlet to seek revenge on the man who seized his throne and married his wife, the ghost disappears with the dawn leaving Hamlet to question his request driving him into madness. Hamlets

The ghost of King Hamlet explains that his own brother Claudius had poisoned him in order to steal his throne and so Hamlet devotes himself to get revenge for his father’s death. Stricken with grief he delays his revenge and contemplates what to do becoming depressed. Claudius and Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, worry about the prince’s behavior and attempt to discover its cause by employing two of Hamlet’s friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to spy on him. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern agree and in doing so betray Hamlet and his trust. Gertrude betrays Hamlet and the old king by remarrying to Claudius so quickly after her husband’s death. Hamlet is deeply hurt by this and is convinced that she has committed a grievous sin by covering up Claudius' horrific deed and, perhaps even worse, continuing to live with the man and share his bed. He begs his mother to repent and reform her ways, saying, "Virtue itself of vice must pardon beg, /Yea, curb and woo for leave to do him good" (4.3.175-176). Gertrude, however, is not willing to leave Claudius. Gertrude gives him no answer that pleases Hamlet and in his eyes is just as responsible for the death of his father as is Claudius. His mother’s betrayal drives Hamlet mad, he loses all faith in women and in his hatred he drives the one whom he loves most away.

Ophelia is Polonius’s daughter, a beautiful young woman with whom Hamlet has been in love with for some time. Ophelia agrees to spy on Hamlet for her father but he soon realizes her betrayal. Act III begins with a conversation between Hamlet and Ophelia, at first the conversation begins with Hamlet’s admiration and heartfelt happiness to see Ophelia but, being in a crucial position not to trust anyone, Hamlet becomes skeptical and quizzes Ophelia's reactions and honesty. Hamlet has used this tactic with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (Act II, scene ii). By saying "are you honest" (Act III, sc. 1, line 113) and "are you fair,"(line 115) he watches her stumble over her answers, and he knows that she acting as much as he is. Hamlet uses this to his advantage by quickly acting mad. Through his "lunacy," he rants and raves to her, convincing her that his madness comes from her. He vents all his anger on Ophelia and uses harsh language such as asking her to go join a nunnery to protect her virginity. Later on Hamlet accidently kills Ophelia’s father, Polonius, by stabbing him through a curtain while he was spying on Hamlet. The death of her father drives Ophelia mad and she drowns in a river. Ophelia’s death struck even more grief and guilt unto Hamlet and even though Ophelia betrayed him he still loved her which he proves when he proclaims his love for her at the

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