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Comparative essay “Hamlet” and “Lion King”

“Everything must have similar and difference , because there are no one and only in this world.”—Show Lou(famous Taiwan artist ,singer and the CEO of the clothes brand “Stage” ) Human and pet might have similari and difference such as :habit ,personality, out looking ,…… . Story and movie might have similari and difference such as: plot, characters , ending ,theme ,…… . Even mobile phone might have similari and difference such as : function, brand, color, …… . Moreover , there are similar and difference for the story “Lion King” and “Hamlet” . There are similar about atmosphere . There are difference about closing and role. I am going to use supporting evidence to support my answer at the following part of my essay.

Firstly, there are similar about story background. In both story , Hamlet and Simba’s father is the king that mean they are the princes .Moreover, their uncle murders the king. In the both story , people have the expectation that they would marry. Hamlet love Ophelia and Simba love Nala . In the other hand , uncle died from violent actions in both story. Caludius is being killed by poison. Simba uncle is being push off diff and attack by hyenas. In conclusion , Hamlet and Lion King’s background information is similar.

Secondly, there are difference about the ending of the story. At the end , Simba married Nala in the “Lion King” but in “Hamlet” Hamlet didn’t marry Ophelia. In “Hamlet” everyone die at the end of the story, but in “Lion King” everyone lives except for uncle. In “Hamlet” Hamlet’s mother married his uncle, but in “Lion King” Simba’s mother didn’t marry his uncle. In “Hamlet” the kingdom is taken by Norway, but in “Lion King” the kingdom is taken by Simba which is suppose to be his. In “Hamlet” Hamlet’s uncle is being kill by poison but in “Lion King” Simba’s uncle is being pushed off diff and attack by hyenas. In addition , it mean that two story finish totally different.

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