Hamlet's Conflicts Resolved

Topics: Hamlet, Characters in Hamlet, Ghost Pages: 3 (1118 words) Published: May 13, 2006
Hamlet¡¯s Conflict Resolved
In Shakespearean tragedies, characters often are confronted with problems they must resolve. The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark is one tragedy that reveals a tormented hero who suffers greatly during the course of the play. Hamlet, the tragic hero, must resolve many conflicts, which include confusion and anger at his mother¡¯s hasty remarriage, horror at the ghost¡¯s request to avenge the murder of the his father, and a general disgust with life as he contemplates suicide. Before he can accept the responsibility of setting his world aright, Hamlet must resolve his internal conflicts. The first dilemma Hamlet must resolve results from the loss of his father. Hamlet is first seen dressed in black as he mourns the death of king Hamlet, his farther. Hamlet cannot understand why no one besides himself and Horatio continues to grieve for his father. What is even more upsetting to Hamlet is the court is celebrating the coronation of Claudius and his royal marriage to Hamlet¡¯s mother, Queen Gertrude. Hamlet is especially infuriated with his mother, who he thinks has not mourned her husband¡¯s death sufficiently. In an important monologue in Act I, scene ii, Hamlet complains that even a beast ¡°would have mourned longer¡± than his mother did. And he reveals his disgust with both her and Claudius when he calls their hasty marriage both ¡°wicked¡± and ¡°incestuous¡±. Throughout the play, Hamlet continues to find their marriage itself and its hasty occurrence after his father¡¯s death consistently painful to think about. A second internal conflict with which Hamlet deals is the problem presented by the ghost. When Hamlet first encounters the ghost he asks whether the ghost is ¡°a spirit of health or goblin dammed¡±. Before anything else, Hamlet has to resolve the problem of the ghost¡¯s good or evil nature, of whether he can trust the ghost to be honest and truthful. Once he decides that the spirit is really the spirit of his dead father,...
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