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Gonzalez, Nathaly
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Essay 1: Alexander Hamilton vs. Thomas Jefferson
Everywhere in American history, there are differences in ideas on how to run a country. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were no exception while they were members of George Washington’s cabinet. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton both had opposite views on how to run the country. Jefferson was the Secretary of State and an Anti-Federalist and Hamilton was Treasure of State and a Federalist making them opposite political parties and hating each other. The Federalist were a group of wealthy people and pro strong federal power, on the other hand anti-Federalist were pro protecting the state and equality for all people. Both these men wanted to run the country in the way of their political party. Both men had similar and opposing views on the Constitution, economic issues, and individual rights for people. The opposing views between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson led to the separation of the political parties. When the Constitution was ratified, conflict began between Hamilton and Jefferson. Hamilton’s followers, the Federalist, were in favor of the new Constitution because it had a balance of power and created a central government. He believed running the country on a loose interpretation of the Constitution. In other words, whatever was not forbidden in the Constitution should be allowed in which he supported the national bank. He was more focused on expanding the economic growth of the countries to bring success and establish a strong federal government to create a great deal of tariffs on the people, which would help pay off the national debt the country was in because of war. Hamilton thought the future would prosper more if the commercial and industrial society grew. He promoted the growth of factories
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