Hamburger Essay

Topics: Hamburger, Patty, Mustard Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Big Tasty Hamburger
At times when we are in a hurry, hamburgers are one of the easiest foods to eat while on the go. No matter what time it is whether its breakfast, lunch, or dinner we grab a hamburger and might throw in some fries and a soda to go with it. Many restaurants are known to make their hamburgers in a specific way. Preparation differs from restaurant to restaurant. But what really makes a hamburger taste so delicious? Depending where you go they will taste different but they are all structured the same. It consists of a bun, a ground meat patty and often ingredients such as cheese, onion slices, lettuce and other condiments. I occasionally like to buy juicy burgers that look and taste great. When your food is served it does not only have to taste good, but also has to look good in order for it to be appetizing. Hamburgers, no doubt, look very pleasing to the eyes and are round in shape with many layers of nutrients. Hamburgers like writing relate in their organization, taste, and appearance of concluding a thought or an idea. Making a fantastic burger is like writing. Just like a hamburger, the more condiments and toppings, the better the hamburger. In writing, the more description a paper contains the better the writing. The three condiments to a hamburger are its bun on top, the middle where you’ll find the meat, and a bun on the bottom. The first and most important secret to making a fantastic burger that everyone will just admire about is the meat. The higher the fat content is in ground beef, the better the flavor. Before cooking a burger it would be good to put some season dressing in the burger. Or to make it more pleasant you can stuff small bits of bread crumbs, garlic, or onions, mixed well with an egg inside the patty, and it will give it a real good flavor. Preparing the seasoning to add flavor to the meat is similar to writing an outline or making notes of what to write about. In some cases, students have a habit in choosing...
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