Halloween Speech

Topics: Halloween, Trick-or-treating, All Souls' Day Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: January 2, 2011
When the air starts to get cool and the leaves turn different shades of yellow orange and red the feel of Halloween is in the air. Everyone celebrates Halloween with their own traditions but the history of this spooky holiday remains the same. The Celtic festivals began 2000 years ago marks the beginning of this spooky holiday. The jack-o-lantern that dates back to the legend of Stingy Jack from England is were we got pumpkin carvings from. Then there are traditions we have here in America that we celebrates today. Every holiday has a history and today I would like to explore Halloween with you. The Celtic festival of sown which is derived from the old English term summers end. They believed that October 31st was when the border between our world and the after live was the thinnest. Which would allow the spirits to pass through. They would use bonfires from the bones of each families live stock. The Celtics are not the only ones who contributed to Halloween. The English helped through the pumpkins harvesting and Stingy Jack into the mix. October is the month that pumpkins are harvested. Stingy Jack made a deal with the devil and he out smarted him twice and the legend says that his spirit still roams the earth and he is a pumpkin head. We still celebrate him by carving pumpkins. Carving faces into pumpkins is only one tradition that still grows on in present day. Soul cakes were made for all souls day to celebrate the dead. They were given out when kids use to come to peoples stores and prayed for the ones who they have lost. That is how trick or treating began. Then they are the costumes. Originally costumes were made so they could wore of the harmful spirits. The history of this spooky holiday began 2000 years during the Celtic festivals, but that is only one aspect of today’s Halloween traditions. The celebration is still very much alive with trick or treating, parades and the most importantly costumes. All though Halloween has changed in ways through...
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