Halloween Makeup

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pply makeup. You can use makeup to create the illusion of a deathly pallor. A white/grey, purple or green tint works well for most people. Go to the drugstore and look for under-eye concealer or foundation base in these colors. Also purchase some dark eyeshadow, eyeliner and baby powder. -------------------------------------------------

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How To Do Eye Makeup
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* Apply the base over your entire face and down your neck to get that unhealthy pallor. * Get directly under a light source and start using eyeshadow to accent sunken areas of your face, such as your eye sockets. Find shadows and darken those a lot. * Black out your eyes completely, but keep it under control. Make it look like your eye sockets have shrunken in about an inch. Get darker towards the middle and inside corners of the eyes, making sure to accent natural shadows. (you can even try a darker gray shade; this sometimes works better for a realistic effect than black). * Use baby powder on your face to make your skin look dull and dead. 2. -------------------------------------------------

Mess up your hair. Try to make your hair look like you just rolled out of a grave. * Backcomb it at the roots. Apply hairspray, then use a small comb to brush hair in the "opposite" direction (toward the roots). Do this in small sections. * Apply baby powder. Rub some baby powder into your hair to make it look grey and ashen. * If you have long hair, you can either leave it down or pull it into a messy up-do. An extremely crooked ponytail, ratty braids or a falling-apart bun look appropriately disheveled. * Try starting with bedhead. If you're going to...
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