Halloween: A Fictional Narrative

Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: October 15, 2015

Sometimes things don't go as planed, let me tell you a story of mistaken choices and the consequence that fallowed.

"EVE!!!! GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED!!!!" I grunt in response throwing the blankets to the floor. I'm 13 now.
"OK class we'll be writing notes today, so get out your pencils!" I look around nervously, who do I write to? These people are not very nice ... what do i do!?! Suddenly it snaps .... I'll write to everyone! Every class that walks in this room I'll write to, I can't let them know it's me ... hm, AHA! I'll have a code name, what should it be though? How 'bout carrot? No that's just weird. How about ...... Llama? Nope they'll know its me. By then my thoughts started to wonder. I think I want to be a reaper for Halloween ..... UGH!!! I'm supposed to be thinking of names! "Has any one ever read one of those true fairy tails that have the scary endings?" I raised my hand fast. "Eve? what was it called?" I smiled wide and spoke up loud and proud, "The Grimm Conclusion." all my thoughts snapped into place so fast it made my head spin like a roller coster at full speed, by the time it stopped i had the name. The Reapers Grimm. The first time I wrote didn't go as planned, she gave the note to a random kid (I bet they were happy once my notes started to become "popular" around the school.) I then told her how I wanted it done .... I wrote one note at a time and she read it out loud to all of her classes. By then it was my second to last week and people were dying to know who The Reapers Grimm was. As my last week came around I promised to tell them who I was on my last day....

I've made some wrong choices (A lot really) but I've made good choices too, I don't regret any of it, none, because if I had never made those choices I wouldn't be who I am today where I am today, and not as I am as a person,...
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