Halliburton Management Planning Function

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Management Planning Function


George Liss

Trina Maull


October 6, 2010

Halliburton is an international company that was founded in 1913. It has become the world’s second largest provider of products and services to the oil and gas industry. Halliburton can attribute its continued growth to the company’s commitment to innovation and expansion of its services to all the oil company’s in the country. Erie P. Halliburton was the kind of man that was always looking for better ways of doing the same job; this is why Erie established the first research laboratories in the 1930s. Halliburton had the vision for making the company worldwide in 1926 by selling five cementing units to an English company in Burma, the start of the company’s Eastern Hemisphere operations. Halliburton has expanded greatly by planning expansion and taking its place in an industry that, to this day is full of visionaries and dreamers. They have taken advantage of opportunities and have created a company that makes a lot of money that many people are jealous of. In planning the company’s growth, management has made mistakes to the question of, can Halliburton survive? Along the road to dominance in the oil field service industry, Halliburton has made some enemies. The EPA and many environmental groups have been fighting Halliburton for many years. With this in mind, Halliburton has not backed down much from these fights, until recently. This paper will briefly show Halliburton’s legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility...
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