Halliburton Management Planning

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Running Head: Halliburton Management Planning

Halliburton Management Planning
Sherita Carter Wk 3 Paper
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November 11, 2008
MGT 330
Dennis Dwyer

Halliburton Management Planning
Halliburton is one of the largest Drilling companies in the world. This company has over 50,000 employees and operates in more then 70 Countries including North America, Central & South America, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Oceania. Halliburton consists of two company divisions-(1) Drilling and Evaluation and (2) Completion and Protection This paper will go over the various aspects of Management planning within Halliburton. Planning Function of Management

Planning is essential at all levels of the Halliburton Organization. Planning is a methodical approach for translating the company mission and vision into strategies and action plans that respond to the customer, stockholders, and employees, as well as regular day to day requirements and changes in the economy. The approach and action plans are developed within the company. Products and service lines support task and Business regions to support their strategies, allowing an organization to become one and implementing the system and achieving the global strategic objectives. Plans also include risk identification, controls, and contingency plans to control and mitigate threats. Legal Issues

The SD and HSE Executive committee will review incidents with legal counsel, seek guidance on legal exposures and ramifications and the best ways to handle them and prepares for litigation. To accomplish its expected objectives, Halliburton has created the Sustainable Development Health Safety and Environmental Executive Committee. The committee also reviews corrective/preventive measures recommended by operations; and plans follow-up reviews to ensure implementation of such measures. The legal counsel came in handy when allegations of hazardous water sickening troops in Iraq came about. This...

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