Halliburton Management

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Leadership Pages: 4 (2196 words) Published: November 3, 2014

Halliburton Management
Jettie Thompson
University of Houston Downtown
Presented to
Dr. Donald Bates
MGT 3301-30373 – Principles of Management and Organization Behaviors July 2, 2013
Section 1 – Planning
Planning is essential to any organization because it develops and executes tasks that the organization wishes to accomplish. First the organization defines its mission. A major organization in the oil and gas industry, Halliburton, has defined a value statement for employees to take pride in and customers to put their trust in. “The Halliburton’s Cementing Advantage” states that the “team’s mission is to provide top quality, fit for purpose, cement solutions and first class, reliable job execution to our customers, worldwide” (Halliburton, 2006). It goes on to inform customers that the organization is built on success, reliability, leadership, experience, and talent. Then the Halliburton slogan is revealed: “Done Right, Done Once.” Then the mission statement is closed with a promise to treat each customer based on their specific needs. Missions are explanations as to why an organization exists. A mission statement, such as Halliburton’s, broadly declares what makes an organization better than others and what their purpose is. Once an organization establishes their missions and condenses them into a mission statement, the next step is to set goals. With the organization’s missions in mind, goals should include a future position that the organization will attain in a fixed time period. It should be noted that a flexible organization may need to adjust goals based on unforeseen circumstances to maintain maximum performance. After these goals are founded, plans need to be created in order for goal achievement. Plans are specific actions that need to be conducted by an organization and their employees. All three of four of these steps: defining missions, establishing a mission statement, setting goals, and creating plans are important in an organization’s...

References: Guillory, Kevin. "Management at Halliburton." Personal interview. 27 June 2013.
"The Halliburton Cementing Advantage." Halliburton Oilfield Services. N.p., 2006. Web. 26
June 2013.
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